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Affordable Housing Capital Funding Guide 2015-18

Welcome to the Affordable Housing Capital Funding Guide (AHCFG). This Guide contains the rules and procedures for Registered Providers (RPs) providing housing under the 2015-18 Affordable Homes Programme with funding from the Homes and Communities Agency.

Following a consultation to streamline the resale experience for shared owners, the Homes and Communities Agency have republished the suite of model leases here.  The new model leases remove the Pre-emption Right post 100% staircasing and are available for immediate use.

As well as grant funded schemes, this Guide will also provide occasional information on Nil Grant schemes, as defined by 2015-18 Affordable Homes Grant Agreement.

The AHCFG contains five main books setting out the requirements, and a book of supplementary pages containing additional information and documents. These can be accessed by clicking on the headings at the left hand side of this screen. The books each contain one or more chapters.

In the five main books, the content is divided into “requirements” (i.e. what a provider has to do) and “guidance” (extra details and optional procedures). Requirement text appears automatically when a page is opened. Guidance text is accessed through a link.

Any queries users have on any aspect of the requirements contained within this guide, or any related matter, should contact their nearest operating area in the first instance.

Users may wish to familiarise themselves with the following pages/sections of the Guide:

  • New Announcements– details of changes made to the guide as and when they happen
  • AHCFG Library– for viewing previous versions of the guide
  • Compliance Audit- including audit checklists, standardised terms of engagement and other Compliance Audit documentation
  • Glossary– some useful definitions and explanations relating to the AHCFG and wider affordable housing issues
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