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Model leases for housing association use from September 2011

The text below has been retained for historic reference and therefore may contain information that will be obsolete and/or superseded from 13 May 2013.

All shared ownership leases issued in respect of homes funded by the HCA must as a minimum include the Agency’s Fundamental Clauses contained in the model leases found below. RPs can choose to use the leases as drafted, or issue their own lease containing the fundamental clauses as set out in SO 5.2. Where they use the model leases, they must use the current versions that are in place from September 2011. The current model leases are exactly the same as those in use from April 2010, except that they refer to Shared Ownership rather than New Build HomeBuy. An explanatory note for the April 2010 leases can be found below along with key information sheets for shared owners which are also found within the leases themselves at appendix three.  

There are separate model leases for properties purchased through Social HomeBuy and for shared ownership properties located in Protected Areas.

There is also a Key Worker Living lease 'proforma variation' for use when assigning KWL leases. This is also available to view below:


Historic Leases

To view older versions of the Agency's model leases, please see our historic leases pages below. Please note that the leases only began to be published online in October 2006. The Agency does not keep a comprehensive catalogue of older leases, but limited historic copies exist. Where users require advice on older leases, they should contact the Agency.


Lease Variation

Following the archiving of Circular 03/08, "Amendment of procedures for varying shared ownership leases," by the Tenant Services Authority, the Agency has produced the following guidance document for reference purposes. This document contains the principal information from the circular, and can be treated as its replacement.

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